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Stroke Funraiser

Welcome to Your FUNraiser’s Home Page!

Thank you for your commitment to helping the American Stroke Association raise awareness and funds for the fight against stroke.

This tool has been created so that you can help us spread that commitment to your friends, co-workers and family with your own special touch. You can have an actual event such as a birthday or anniversary party, create an email fundraising campaign, or something unique and all yours. Use this tool to track your donations, your progress towards your goal, send emails and to keep up with the latest news regarding diseases of the heart and stroke.

It’s easy to get started.

  1. Read the guidelines and FAQs located here.
  2. Personalize your page.
  3. Decide what kind of FUNraiser you want and set your fundraising goal.
  4. Use our tools, templates and third party guidelines to guide you.
  5. Start sending out emails.
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Thanks again and good luck on your efforts!

Your Friends at the American Stroke Association

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Top Fundraisers


  1. Abby Rochlen - $3,750.00
  2. Laura Clink - $1,795.00
  3. Jillian Haber - $1,615.00
  4. John Corbin - $1,100.00
  5. Dawn Dalson - $1,000.00

Team Member

  1. Diana Sanchez - $660.00
  2. Abel White - $460.00
  3. Gavin Smith - $325.00
  4. Rich Peck - $242.50
  5. Jon Hoag - $240.00

Team Captain

  1. Renae Wolf - $760.00
  2. Karin Linner - $675.00
  3. Yasmine Jonaidi - $400.00
  4. Casey Costa - $215.00
  5. Brittany Browne - $100.00