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Andy Hallett Memorial

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in loving memory of Andy Hallett

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The world lost a truely unique personality, his name was Andy Hallett. At 33 years of age he left this world far to soon. He was an actor and musician who had a prominate role on the series Angel as Lorne a charasmatic demon who ran a karaoke bar, who had the ability to read people as they sang. In real life as Andy, he had the ability to entertain as well. Whether it was telling stories or singing songs, he brought joy and laughter those who met him. He made people feel as if they were old friends even if they were strangers meeting for the first time. In his way he was humble as well, he liked helping people out even if it meant just sitting and listening to them. He had a rare talent for that, for some reason people would tell him anything. I have yet to meet a person that had ever had the chance to meet Andy in real life, and at the mention of his name they couldn't help but smile. He always had that way of making people smile, even if they didn't want too. He was diagnosed in 2004 with a Heart condition, he had been ill off and on ever since, up until March 29, 2009, when he pasted away. I know his family will miss him, as well as his friends, but his fans will also miss him and the laughter he brought to them just by doing his job well.

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